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Businesses all over the country are up and running every day. Employees, managers, and owners alike are all busy doing their jobs and are not thinking about any other part of the business. They seldom, if ever, give any thought to what would happen if a disaster struck the building that they work in. There have been so many cases of flooding the last several years that business everywhere ought to think about making a disaster plan should any problem occur. The files that many businesses, hospitals, doctor's offices, and government offices keep are vital to running that business. They are also confidential and in many cases kept as records for the clients, patients or citizens. For instance, what would happen if the IRS lost all their tax records, a hospital or doctor's office lost all their patients files, or your lawyer lost all the paperwork for a client's case? These things would have disastrous consequences that could bring the running of a business, hospital, or government to a halt.

Businesses of every kind should develop a plan for how to handle keeping the contents of their files and all paper work safe if water damage strikes. A bit of forethought could save a company from going out of business if they lost all the records that are vital to the running of the business. Keep copies of all the files that are currently being used such as accounts that are being dealt with, projects that are being worked on at the present, patients that are being treated now, and documentation of research that is currently being done, on computer disks or memory sticks and keep them stored off site.

Keep all files that are not current but cannot be destroyed on microfilm and store them in a secured space away from the business. Have all the paper files at work labeled so it is easy to tell which ones are vital to keeping the business up and running so they can be recovered first after a flood. Have the paper files stored in metal cabinets that can be locked every day and that are kept off of the floor as anything on the floor will be water damaged right away in a flood. Check your business insurance to be sure you have important papers insurance as part of your coverage to be sure the cost of salvaging or replacing damaged papers will be covered in the event of a flood. Have a system for labeling and prioritizing files for recovery from a flood.

Keep a video camera and tape or a camera and film handy so you can take pictures of all the damage as soon as you can reenter the premises after a flood. This will help with your insurance claims. Have a company that specializes in water damaged paper recovery lined up in case water damages were to happen so that they will be familiar with your potential needs and can recover your records in a timely manner. Have a disaster kit made up in case of a flood. Keep things like flashlights, protective wear, masks, garbage bags, duct tape, paper towels, cleaning supplies, tarps, and a tool box in the kit and keep the kit in a place that is up high and out of the way.

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