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A crawl space is not a place that homeowners are all that excited to spend time in.
They are dank and dark and most of us avoid them like the plague. This is not a good idea. We should go down in the
crawl space and inspect it for leaks and water problems at least once a year. If the crawl space is wet or has
standing water, it needs to be dealt with right away. Leaving water in a crawl space will lead to foundation and
structural damage to a home. If this were allowed to continue indefinitely the home could be rendered unsafe to live
If there is standing water in your crawl space, whether it is a few inches or several feet deep, the first thing
that has to be done is to remove that water. If the water is not too deep you can rent a portable sump pump and run
this to pump the water out. If there is fairly deep it is a better idea to hire a water removal company to take the
water out of the crawl space. They will have trucks equipped with large pumps to removal the larger volume of water
standing in the crawl space. When the water is removed from the crawl space and it has dried out it is time to
figure out why there was water in the space to begin with.
Go down in the crawl space and check all the plumbing
pipes for leaks. If there are any problems or potential problems repair the leaks now so they will no longer be an
issue. After a rainstorm go down into the crawl space to check for water seepage as this will show you where water
is coming into the crawl space. Is water getting in through cracks and gaps in the cement foundation walls? Does it
seem to come up through the dirt floor? Now go back into the crawl space when it is dry outside and see if there is
any moisture or condensation on the walls or the wood structure of the house? These things will help you identify
where the water is coming into the crawl space. When you know what the problem is you can take action to repair it.
If there is moisture and condensation in the crawl space make sure that the vents on the sides of the house that let
air into the crawl space are open and free of any debris. This will allow air to circulate through the crawl space
and hopefully dry away any moisture. Check and fix any problems with the gutters around your home. Make sure they
are clean, not leaking, and that the downspouts lead the water away from the house at least a few feet. Install a
sump pump to keep water from collecting in the crawl space again. Repair the cracks and gaps in the foundation walls
and seal them if necessary. Make sure that the ground around the outside of your home slopes down and away from your
house. If these small repairs don't take care of the water problem in the crawl space call a professional to help you figure out what else can be done to take care of the issue.

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